LAMC wrap up: (me llamo) Sebastian

So much went down over a frenzied 3 days at LAMC that I’m going to pop in with small write-ups of artists, showcases, etc that left an impression on yours truly.

(me llamo) Sebastian

(me llamo) Sebastian with Enchufate's Sandra Trevino @ LAMC
(me llamo) Sebastian with Enchufate’s Sandra Trevino @ LAMC

Let’s start with (me llamo) Sebastian.  Sebastian Sotomayor is a 26 year old Chilean singer/songwriter who performs under the moniker: (me llamo) Sebastian [My Name is Sebastian].  The music is whimsical, charming with a layer of sweet romantic innocence but onstage the show is theatrical, surreal and colorful., I mean, click here to catch some of he artistry  Having listened to his music and checked out some videos online, I was curious to see if he’d be just as loud and flamboyant as his on-stage persona appears.  In New York to promote his third studio release “El Hambre” (The Hunger), he was shy, adorable and charming at LAMC when our sister-from-another-mister and Enchufate founding editor, Sandra Trevino interviewed him. I am here for (me llamo) Sebastian.  I look forward to following his career and hope for more mainstream attention for this sensitive and sweet singer/songwriter.

Stream El Hambre via Soundcloud

(me llamo) Sebastian’s first 2 albums are ‘Name Your Price’ at Bandcamp

Official FB Page




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