LAMC Wrap Up: Diana Fuentes

So much went down over a frenzied 3 days at LAMC that I’m going to pop in with small write-ups of artists, showcases, etc that left an impression on yours truly.

Diana Fuentes @ SOBs
Diana Fuentes @ SOBs

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EarWorm: Alabama Shakes – Hold On

I’ve been revisiting albums/songs released earlier this year in preparation for a stupid ‘Best of 2012’ list and Alabama ShakesBoys and Girls has been back in heavy rotation.  One of my absolute favorites off that album is lead single “Hold On”.  It’s a beautiful message and there’s something very Staples Singers-esque about this jam that gives me warm, comfortable, happy feelings.

2011 In Review : Photos

Sneaking cameras (plural) into a venue has become sport for me at this point. I don’t get photo passes to the majority of shows I attend, the exception being North Coast Music Festival, which is a lot of fun to shoot. These aren’t necessarily the best photos I’ve ever taken but they’re sure as hell my favorites.

Gogol Bordello @ NCMF - favorite picture of 2011

North Coast Videos

A few snippets from last night’s unbelievably fun party.

God bless the children who rage (ATB @ NCMF).


Gogol Bordello was intense.  Everyone and your mom was dancing and singing and at one point I feared the crowd would push down the barricade.  Even the folks in the photo pit couldn’t help but get swept up.


Returning to the fest was Benny Benassi who ended his set with one of my favorites.  The best part was watching the security guy lose his shit (you can see part of that on the far right side of the screen).


Here’s the intro to Thievery Corp‘s “Lebanese Blonde” which has quite possibly the catchiest sitar hook ever.




5 With…Anthony Macias – FMEL Ed.

Anthony Macias

Friend o’ the site (and drummer for [.DESCARGA.]) Anthony Macias will be one of several performers at this year’s FMEL (Latin Electronic Music Festival). We caught up Anthony to talk about the band and Friday’s performance at Abbey Pub (9pm, 21+, $10).

 You’ve been with the band for a few months now and seem to have settled in. How’s it going? Are you having fun?

 I am having a lot of fun and really am enjoying my time with the band. We have a great practice spot and have been keeping busy with practice and shows.

Tell me a little about the MN show with Zoe

 I have to say I had a great time hanging with my guys.

 How did the upcoming collaboration with Kampion happen? Did you two know each other prior to FMEL?

 I have never meet Kampion and still haven’t met him in person but we have exchanged emails and tracks so I think this is going to be fun. I have not really played in a setting like this before so I am excited. He seems like a really cool guy.

 As a DJ yourself, are you approaching this collaboration from the viewpoint of a DJ, a drummer or a little of both?

 I am coming at this from both sides. I always consider myself a Drummer who enjoys the art of DJ’ing. As a DJ I tend to play for myself and focus on the blend and [I] like to remix on the fly; but as a drummer I like to open up and experiment in the context of each song. Lets see were this night takes us.

What can we expect to see/hear on Friday at Abbey Pub when you take the stage?

 I will be playing my acoustic drums and am going to…find my spots to add my signature. I just want to hit the stage, close my eyes and explode. I really need to release so [I] don’t plan on holding back.

For a complete list of all FMEL events click HERE.

Chile Represents (Lolla Preview)

Lollapalooza Chile took place earlier this year and featured two bands that will be playing Lollapalooza Chicago this weekend: Los Bunkers and Chico Trujillo. It’s a welcome sight to see more latin-oh artists/bands featured at Lolla.

Los Bunkers craft sweet and catchy pop heavily influenced by early Beatles’ records (think Mersey beat). They’ll play the PlayStation stage Friday, August 5 at 1:45pm

Chico Trujillo (Chile’s most popular cumbia band) will have festival goers dancing to their unique blend of cumbia, ska and punk on Saturday August 6, 2011 at 1:30pm as they take over the PlayStation stage.