Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy : Blindness

On occasion I suffer sleepless nights and am always on the lookout for quiet, haunting music to soothe my anxiety.

This one’s been with me for a week now so big ups to Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, forever one of my faves for this gem of a tune.

*This song is the B-side to “Mindlessness” 7″ single, available January 27, 2015 on Drag City Inc. & Palace Records.


Ska Is Alive and Well: Shortstop From Tokyo

Photo by: Jori Schmalz

Ska is alive and well in the city of Chicago. My knowledge of this was limited to the local latin alternative community until I was introduced to Shortstop from Toyko.  They’ve just put out a 4 song EP: Suck On This which is available at their live shows.  The heavy rock guitar influence on “On and On” and “Aged to Delusion” switch into a reggae-tinged break with solid horns before picking up the guitar for a rocking end.  “One Sided” and “Eighty-Three” are energetic and fun – I dare you to listen without wanting to jump to the music.  Now I want to look for my old checkered vans, put ’em on and skank.  You can see and hear for yourself soon – they’ll be at Reggie’s Rock Club October 12.

B*Sides: Mandy Moore

I am a fan of Mandy Moore’s movies: Saved! and American Dreamz being guilty pleausures. I’ll admit I never really paid attention to her music and vaguely remember the cheesy late ’90s single Candy. Sorry Mandy, you’re adorable but musically I just never really followed you. That is until now. The first single for her upcoming 6th studio album, “Amanda Leigh” due out May 26 (yeah, SIXTH, i’m just as surprised) is called I Could Break Your Heart Any Day of the Week and it is surprisingly good. If this is what we can expect from a Mandy Moore album then sign me up.  Enjoy it below: