Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy : Blindness

On occasion I suffer sleepless nights and am always on the lookout for quiet, haunting music to soothe my anxiety.

This one’s been with me for a week now so big ups to Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, forever one of my faves for this gem of a tune.

*This song is the B-side to “Mindlessness” 7″ single, available January 27, 2015 on Drag City Inc. & Palace Records.

LAMC Wrap Up: Diana Fuentes

So much went down over a frenzied 3 days at LAMC that I’m going to pop in with small write-ups of artists, showcases, etc that left an impression on yours truly.

Diana Fuentes @ SOBs
Diana Fuentes @ SOBs

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Wilco : A Ghost Is Born

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Ana Tijoux – Vengo


Ana Tijoux, the French-Chilean rapper exploded onto the world stage after years of popularity in her family’s native Chile with the 2010 release, 1977, an introspective and at times mournful album. Such was the attention garnered by the Grammy-nominted 1977 that the album’s title track was featured on an episode of Breaking Bad and featured by Radiohead’s Thom Yorke on the band’s site.  It isn’t hard to surmise that the introspection of 1977 came from having to connect to a country and people she had never really known but probably heard so much about as Tijoux’s family fled Chile at the start of Pinochet’s reign of terror and settled in France returning to Chile in the early 90s.

She followed it up with La Bala (The Bullet).  Where 1977 was personal and turned the rapper’s focus within, La Bala shifted the focus outward, a snapshot of Chile’s burgeoning political protest movement.  The album’s title was thought to refer to an incident involving a young Chilean protestor killed by the government.

Ana Tijoux is back with another visceral, political, personal, powerful album in Vengo (I Come) on Nacional Records.  The album takes it’s name from the opening track in which Tijoux declares over a horn-heavy beat featuring Andean instruments: I come for answers, with a bundle of full and open veins / I come as an open book eager to learn the untold story of our ancestors.

One of many highlights of the album comes during Antipatriarca (Anti-Patriarch) a feminist manifesto where she spits: But I will not obey because my body belongs to me / I decide my time as I want and where I want / I was born independent and independent I decided to stay / I do not walk behind you, I walk beside you.

On this album, a personal highlight is Los Peces Gordo No Pueden Volar (Fat Fish Can’t Fly), spoken directly to her children she echoes mothers everywhere when she says: I’m another mother that sleeps little / dreams much / learns more from her children than the adults in the world.  Then later she implores: true to your values you must be.

Vengo is a gorgeous hip hop album that flawlessly incorporates Andean instruments with horns and slinky jazz grooves to create a truly World Music sound.   An album that is equally stunning and devastating for it’s soul-baring honesty.

iViva Ana!