Ear Worms: Billy Vera – At This Moment

Ear Worms: the one song I have stuck in my head and won’t escape. Oh Alex P. Keaton, your poor heart was so broken. Today’s worm:


E>N>E Chicago Rocks Recap 4/19/09

E>N>E: Chicago Rocks live from Cobra Lounge.

Despite the cold rainy weather Sunday night the turnout was great and the music was fantastic with an eclectic lineup of rock/pop, blues and punk.

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E>N>E: Chicago Rocks Recap 04/05/09

†This weeks line up: Arctic Fox, Subatomico and Canyon.

Luis Coronado was our affable host.

First up: Arctic Fox who performed an all too short 2-song set. This group has only been together six months comprising of members from The Its and reModern.  Though I was bummed to learn there won’t be any new shows coming up for some time, they are in the studio recording an album.  Do me a favor and check them out on MySpace, they’re solid and great to hear live and have a fun and energetic stage presence.  Can’t wait to see them again but until then, I’ll have to settle for the music on their page.

Next up: Subtomico. Describing themselves as “the Cure had an affair with Lucybell and Smashing Pumpkins” they did not disappoint.  They performed 3 songs going over the allotted time but you can’t be mad at them.  Their first song was a fast paced bopper followed by two slower songs. My new obsession and the highlight of their set for me was “Hoy y Aqui” a slow burner that sizzled with Charlie Tovar’s guitar solo.  A shout out to Robert Guzman on lead vocals and Luis Ceteno on bass for humoring yours truly throughout the taping.  No word on any upcoming performances but I’ll post any dates as I get them.

And last but not least we heard from my new friends in Canyon.  One song. That’s all they played. One 8+ minute jam. No vocals. One song and they killed it!! Do check them out live, do listen to their music, do support these kids because they are not a band, not musicians, they are an experience. Next show is at Kinetic Playground on April 24, 2009 at 9PM, $5.

Another great show came to a close.

E>N>E: Chicago Rocks airs Wednesdays at 8PM on Cable Channel 25 and reairs throughout the week.

You can find me there every Sunday for the live taping at Cobra Lounge from 6PM-8PM. Stop by and say hi.