LAMC wrap up: (me llamo) Sebastian

So much went down over a frenzied 3 days at LAMC that I’m going to pop in with small write-ups of artists, showcases, etc that left an impression on yours truly.

(me llamo) Sebastian

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Concert Photography & Drawing Show

Some amateur and Jose Calvo

Tonight I humbly suggest you stop by the Canale Art Lounge and view the works of my friend, Jose Calvo.  A few years ago I rededicated my life to all things music and in that time I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some talented and inspiring people.

Jose is one such person.  He is my friend and hands down one of the best rock photographers in the business  (and he plays bass in a local latin alternative mainstay – but we’ll talk about that in a bit).

Jose inspired me to pick up a camera and begin experimenting again with a passion and hobby that had lain dormant for too long.  His photos excite me and are an unspoken challenge to push myself to be better and to always keep my eyes open.

His skill at composition was on display at last month’s Erotic Photography Show where his nudes with model Rosa Frausto were perfect examples of how a trained eye can turn the curve of a body with thoughtful lighting into a work of subtle and beautiful art that is never vulgar or pedictable.  His photographs documenting latin alternative concerts emit such raw energy it is not hard to imagine yourself standing amongst the crowd with the beat of the music pulsating through the room.  You can check out a huge collection of his work at

But there’s more! He’s also a member of my favorite band [.DESCARGA.].  See what I mean? – Talented and multi-faceted.

So tonight…from 6pm – 11:30pm, Canale Art Lounge (500 West 18th Street) will host the Concert Photography and Drawing Show.  Mr. Calvo will be pulling double duty as he will show his works and play a set with [.DESCARGA.] and the band will debut the official video for their single ChemTrails.

My favorite music controllers DJ Tony Macias and DJ Angelf*k will be there to keep you dancing as you explore the works of some of Chicago’s most talented artists.

Tonight’s event will also feature works by:

Julieta Alvarez
Ivan Arce
Jacinto Ariza
Rory O’Connor
Daniel Rangel
Edward Spinelli

and Introducing:
Ana Alvarez
Marissa Macias

Top 10: Sandra Trevino

10.  Los Rakas – “Parkiando” (Single)
If they remade Saturday Night Fever en Español, I’d use this song to accompany Tony Manero’s opening sequence walk.

9.   Zuzuka Poderosa – “Chama O Bombeiro” (Single)
This reminded me of The Fire & Reason with a bit more “umph” because there’s not the added dance/electro music blended in (although I still love my TFaR). It’s juicy raw. Zuzuka is sexy and even though I have no idea what she’s rapping about, she makes me want to learn Portuguese.


8.   Moona Luna – “Brinca, Jump” (Single)
Finally some lat/alt music for kids. Yay!

7.   La Barranca – “Piedad Ciudad” (Album)
Classic Barranca. Enough said.

Official site:

6.   Pastilla – “Siento Lo Que Soy” (Single)
Beatlesque inspired rock en tu idioma.
Check out Pastilla on

5.   SHU-SHO – “06105: The Lost Remixes” (Digital Album)
Bad-@ss funky grooves! Word!

You can download the digital album FREE at:

4.   [.DESCARGA.] – “Weakness” (Single)
Good ol’ rock’n’roll, Chicago alternative style.

Check out [.DESCARGA.] on ReverbNation:


3.   Matorralman – “Guateque Estelar” (Album)
This is my favorite kind of music. Ever. Watch the videos. I love you, Matorralman. Marry me?

YouTube Channel (FYI – Some of them are a little NSFW):

1. & 2.
Mexican Institute of SoundSuave Patria (Digital Album)


Nortec Collective Presents: Bostich & FussibleI Count The Ways” (Single)

Although I can’t vouch for a live performance by M.I.S., (and I feel horrible that I can’t but it just doesn’t work live for him…yet. Hope springs eternal!) I will jump in front of a train for anything he records in studio. I was anxiously waiting for something from him this year and finally this EP came out and it will be on vinyl, too. How glorious is that? Indeed! Buy it. Now!
I will vouch for a live performance by Bostich & Fussible because they pretty much replicate what they do in studio with a live band. It’s sassy, sexy and oh so danceable. This song in particular caught me off guard and that’s why I fell in love with it almost immediately. I wasn’t expecting such a luscious female voice surrounded by the disco-influenced orchestral sound, spiced with a bare minimum of NCP’s signature Norteño horns and accordion. It’s sweet and uplifting. It makes me want to get on a bike (or skateboard) and glide down freesia-perfumed hills with the wind blowing in my hair, as the music lifts me up like Mary Poppins, to nirvana. Sigh.

Sandra A. Trevino is a writer. When she’s not chasing ink to paper she manages local Chicago mainstay [.DESCARGA.].  She is also a founder of (Chicago’s Latin Alternative media source) and contributes to several online and print publications.  You can hear her weekly updates on all things happening in art, music and beyond on 89.5FM or stream it at every Wednesday at 7.30pm (CST).  She has been featured as a guest curator for Proyecto Latina and can make a mean empanada.

Proyecto Latina

Singer "Gitana" with PL curator Sandra Trevino

Over the last few months several phrases have popped into regular conversation with friends. One such phrase for me: Proyecto Latina.  I heard about it through my lovely friend Sandra Trevino and started digging around their site for info.  In short: it is a “multi-media project that amplifies the success and impact of Latinas” in the community. There’s a monthly reading series, a website that profiles Latinas in the arts, highlights cultural events and is a resource to share stories and be a part of a community.  My curiosity was piqued and I planned to attend a reading series and check it out for myself.

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Chana Concert Review

Thursday night I went to the Brendan Benson show with La Blue Eyes (recap coming) and missed the super fun Chana at Rumba. If it were possible to be in two places at once that’s how I would’ve split my time last Thursday. Luckily, Sandra from Enchufate was there to provide a recap complete with pics and an interview that’s airing this Wednesday on ENE: Chicago Rocks, Chicago Cable Ch. 25 at 8pm. Check the review HERE!


Chanan is a firecracker.  She mixes electronica, dance and hip hop with global influences to create danceable and fresh music.  A dancer who studied at the University of Michigan and Ohio State, she began working with producer Martin Chan out of her Echo Park garage.  Mano Arriba, her EP released in 2008 is available on iTunes and all her musical influences are present throughout.  A stand out track, A Veces uses muted horns reminiscent of Manu Chao and his global folk.  She’ll be at Rumba this Thursday and you can check her out HERE or log on to for more info and a chance to win free tickets.